Shutting Down

I wasn’t sure what I would do with this blog after the channel but it’s becoming clear to me that it has served its purpose. So I’m walking away for now. I still might post the odd time if I get real fired up about something but otherwise I’m going back to my life as a mediocre swimmer who enjoys swimming and competes but has (literally) nothing to write home about.

Thanks for reading and for your support.


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You Know You’re A Swimmer When (Part 3)

1. You have more swimsuits than t-shirts
2. Someone asks if they can borrow a swim cap and you pull 12 out of your bag
3. Your paddles aren’t used to propel a boat
4. You recognize your friends faster when they’re in caps and goggles than dry and clothed.
5. You delay getting a tattoo until there is a swim break because you don’t want to miss training while it heals
6. You get excited to swim at 8am on Sunday because you know it means you can have a huge breakfast after (and lunch. And dinner. And fro yo.).
7. Even after spending a year cursing training and swearing you’ll never commit to a big swim event again, you’re incredibly happy to get back in the pool to train just weeks later
8. You have bronchitis and have trouble breathing and you think “I can still swim!” (You can, but at half your normal pace and while wheezing like a 2 pack a day smoker.)
9. You are used to people feeling you up under the lane rope as they swim backstroke in the next lane.
10. Your exciting Friday night plans have to start after 9pm when practice is over.

I thought after the Channel that I might be done with swimming. That I’d pushed myself so far beyond my comfort zone I wouldn’t want to keep going. I didn’t miss swimming at all in the month after and turned down every invite to swim in the lake when I got home. But I know now that being a swimmer is part of who I am. Even when I’m hating it! Or the coach is making us do a whole night of backstroke.:) Or I injure myself (again).

My name is Leora. And I am a swimmer.


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This Is Why The Internet Exists

My all-knowing friend Paul passed along a blog today that was written by the solo swimmer who was beside us during our Channel swim. As I had mentioned her in my blog and the importance she had on our swim (as we each used her boat as motivation trying to stay ahead of it), she mentioned us in her blog (how our boat messed her up mentally at the end of her swim – UNINTENTIONALLY!!).

So I thought I would share her report of the day, to show you what our day was like from someone else’s perspective…

Ella’s Blog

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Don’t Worry, The Channel Is Not Lord Voldemort

I had 3 separate friends start conversations today with “I know you don’t want to talk about it but…”

So I think I might have exaggerated my disinterest in talking about the channel. It’s not “The channel that must not be named” or anything, it’s just this thing I did once. If you have questions please feel free to ask and I will likely talk your ear off until you “wish I’d just stop talking about the channel bitch.”

(But please don’t ask me “how was it?” because my go-to answer will be “fine.” I really don’t know how to answer that question or what people even expect me to say.)

In other news, I dreamt about buying chocolate last night. Like a long dream. Where I went to several stores including an artisan chocolatier in Canterbury. Why yes, my diet has begun, how did you know?


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1 More Minute


Phred and I were interviewed yesterday about the swim and you can watch it HERE

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Moving On

I’m so over the English Channel. I know people want to hear about it (mostly out of politeness I’m sure) but it’s been a month, I’ve blogged about it, and now I just want to go back to the real world where my life isn’t defined by the Channel.

I know it’s ridiculous to get cranky about people wanting to hear about it but it just feels like old news to me. I enjoyed it, made some great memories and now I’m ready to focus on new goals, which so far are:

1. Lose the 24 pounds I put on for the Channel. Ugh.
2. Get my rib sorted for a new swim season.
3. Focus on my sprints again to achieve some new personal bests and qualify for Worlds in July.

Whether I go to worlds or not I haven’t decided yet but I at least want it to be an option for a couple races.

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My 15 Minutes Are Officially Over

I almost missed this while I was away, but our successful swim across the channel made the local news. That’s it, my fame is officially over!😉

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